Saturday, March 3, 2018

The Phoenix Rises,

While writing this blog one of my fave Queen songs is playing, yes I am a fan damn right I am.
Wanna know which song?

It's We are the Champions

"So What" I can hear you thinking but what has it to do with what exactly? Forgive me for being vague but let's build some momentum......

Still remember the Workspace DBCleanup tool? The nifty tool to cleanup your RES Workspace Manager logging database? It was available at the RES GURU site which was hosted by Max Ranzau but he decided to stop with the site taking the tool offline.

Recently I was being approached by Ton de Vreede through LinkedIn, he was send to me by Max for the tool.
That made me wondering, the tool is still being used by many people also other colleagues in the field still use the old version which much pleasure and even recognized it when I was compiling the latest version.

Even better I still have a never published version which never made it to Max his website and it was also rebranded.
Even Citrix and RES are doing it so I couldn't stay behind could I?

With great pride I announce the return of the Champion, the Rise of the Phoenix,  the WMLMT (Workspace Manager Logging Management Tool).

Before we go to the goodies please let me tell some improvements which have been made:

- SSO added, you can now logon with your current Windows credentials to the Workspace Database.
- Table characteristics have been added to analyze the size / file size / index size etc of the tables.
- Queries have been improved to reflect the actual Workspace results with the original console.
- Several timeout bugs have been fixed if it took a long time before the SQL server replied.

I Want it All